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Last updated on March 1, 2021

Family Law

Our firm practices primarily in the family court area. Family court is a separate court, which deals with divorce, custody, property distribution, spousal support, name changes, orders for protection from domestic abuse, child support, and abuse and neglect cases (DSS cases). Our firm practices in all of these areas. Our firm also drafts wills, powers of attorney and living wills. We do not practice any other kinds of law.

Collaborative Law

Our partners are certified to practice collaborative law. Collaborative law is a means of resolving a case without litigation. The one thing that most distinguishes collaborative law from our other resolution efforts is that the parties sign a retainer agreeing that we will either resolve the matter collaboratively or end our representation. This means that if the case goes forward to litigation, the client has to retain a new and different lawyer. In collaborative law, the parties agree to voluntarily disclose all financial documentation, to meet together with their attorneys and joint experts to try to resolve the issues in their case.

Cooperative Law

Cooperative law follows a process that is similar to the collaborative law process. The major difference is that our representation does not end if the case is not resolved before litigation. This means that you can continue with our representation rather than having to retain new counsel as you would with collaborative law.


There are several routes to take when beginning a divorce or separation. No matter how we begin, the majority of our contested cases end up being resolved in mediation.