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Protect What Is Yours With An Experienced Property Division Lawyer

Last updated on March 1, 2021

Property division can be a high-stress stage in any divorce or separation, especially if your marriage includes high-asset properties. The right attorney can bear these burdens and help you understand your property rights.

At Bluestein & Douglas, Inc., in Mount Pleasant, we will work with you to develop an efficient, amicable way to resolve your property division matters. We offer a range of different services to help you along with the dissolution of your marriage, including mediation and collaborative law. But, if necessary, we will stand with you throughout a trial.

Here To Help You Through A Complicated Process

Our lawyers will guide you through the necessary processes and provide services in property division matters related to:

  • Divorce – When it comes to property division in a standard divorce, South Carolina is an equitable distribution state. This means that judges decide what is fair in dividing property. Rather than a 50/50 split, a judge may divide property based on contributions or income.
  • Legal separation – In a legal separation, while not everything is the same as a divorce, the division of property goes through a similar process. Though, without an official divorce, it is possible your spouse may still inherit your property in the event of your death.
  • High-asset divorce Property division in a high-asset divorce can be complex and will require a keen legal eye to ensure the division is fair and meets your best interests. Our lawyers are highly skilled in this area.

Many clients wonder what will happen to the family house during this time. Note that the fate of your home will depend on several factors, including custody arrangements if you have children. Our experienced divorce attorneys will help you fight for the property that is rightfully yours.

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We would be happy to answer your questions during this confusing time. We offer family law representation throughout Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester and surrounding counties. To set up a consultation, call our office at 843-769-0311. You may also contact us via email.